Zona Brazil,
handcarved gemstones
from Brazil.

Welcome to Zonabrazil, your one-stop destination for
hand-carved gemstone birds & artifacts. If you're a bird
lover, you've come to the right place!

Featured Products

At Zona Brazil, you can find a unique and custom made selection of hand-carved gemstone birds made from the finest and most precious gemstones available in Brazil. Our selection includes eye-catching geodes that are optimal for gifting and decor purpose. Zona Brazil’s vibrant collection of exotic gemstone birds from Brazil, not only aid in manifesting your desires but also make a wonderful addition to your home as decor items.

"The Healing Power of Gemstones"

Gemstones are said to embody concentrated energy. Each gemstone
hones its own powerful energy that when it resonates with the human
body, it acts as a medicinal tool for the mind, body, and soul.
Let us align you with the power of manifestation and see how our gemstones can change your life.
Josie Belliard

Healing & Grace

Find precious handcarved gemstones
that lets you channel your vibrations and bring out the beauty, grace, and magic within you.
At Zona Brazil, you will find gemstones that will help you manifest your deepest desires. What’s even better is our collection of gemstones comes in various shapes, sizes, and colors

Time Honored Gifts​

Hand-carved gemstones are ideal gifting options and are gifted on various occasions to honor relationships and bonds. Discover unique and unusual gifting options here at Zona Brazil to show your dear ones how much you honor and respect their support.

Gemstone Gifts for Special Occasions

Embrace the rich, powerful, and unique collection of Zona Brazil’s hand-carved gemstone birds as these birds are gifts of love, support, and vitality. Our collection of birds make apt gifts for your loved ones and can be gifted on numerous occasions to reflect your respect, love, and intentions towards your loved ones.

Our Birds Collection

Check out our wide collection of precious and semi-precious gemstone figurines and home decor items.